secure transaction

100% secure payment ! Your data is protected. The server is encrypted and the information transmitted is coded.

In order to guarantee the security of sensitive data related to payment methods, we have opted for the SSL encryption process, which ensures the confidentiality of banking data. Thus, at the time of their seizure and during the transfers via Internet, it is impossible to read them. The connection between your computer and the site of our banking partner is completely secure and encrypted. No bank details are recorded on our servers, which is why we will ask you to enter them for each new purchase.

  - High security SSL protocol
- Transactions protected against malicious interception
- SkootDriver-Production has no knowledge of your credit card data
- We do not store your data
We offer various secure payment methods:

1- Credit card - Online payments by credit card are protected. The entire transaction is carried out on a secure SSL server and your credit card number is encrypted. The data you enter is not kept in memory.

2- Paypal - Paypal is the first intermediary of payment on Internet. PayPal encrypts your card number with its advanced encryption technology, your banking information is never communicated to a third party. You benefit from the protection of the purchases.
Making a payment via Paypal is free, only the operations of transfer towards a bank account are the subject of a commission. It is not mandatory to create a Paypal account to be able to pay your purchases through the platform.